Creating Stronger Bonds: 32 Activities to Deepen Connection with Highly Sensitive Children

Discover 32 activities to strengthen the parent-child bond, including breathing buddies, cozy rituals, nature walks, and art therapy. Create lasting memories and deeper connections.

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Recently, my little kid shared a profound moment with me that truly resonated...

...She said, "Mom, listen to me with your eyes."

In that simple yet profound statement, she reminded me of the importance of not just hearing her words, but truly connecting with her, emotionally.

If you are wondering: How do you connect with a child?

It's easier than you think!

As Dr. Seuss said, 'Adults are just outdated children'.

So, allow yourself to be fully present, curious, and open-hearted like a child.

Here are 32 activities that I discovered along the way, each offering its own unique opportunity for bonding with our kids, whether neurodivergent or neurotypical.

About Me Page Photo Andrea DdL Mom
About Me Page Photo Andrea DdL Mom

Hey there! I'm Ana, an Introverted Mom with a strong passion for nurturing connections with our little ones, especially Neurodivergent children.

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1. Breathing Buddies:

Using soft toys for breathing exercises, syncing their rise and fall with each breath. Or you can use this breathing ball.

2. Emotion Charades:

Act out feelings to help children recognize and express emotions through play.

3. Warm Drink Ritual:

Share calming drinks like tea or cocoa in the evening, using it as a time to relax and chat.

4. Cloud Watching:

Observe cloud shapes together, sharing imaginative stories.

5. Sensory Bottles:

Create calming sensory bottles for visual relaxation.

6. Gentle Massage:

Offer soothing massages to help children relax and feel secure.

7. Nature Walks:

Explore parks or trails to connect with the calming elements of nature.

8. Art Therapy:

Engage in creative activities like drawing, painting or coloring books to express emotions.

9. Reading Together:

Share quiet reading time, allowing children to choose books that resonate with their interests.

10. Mindfulness Exercises:

Practice simple mindfulness activities for relaxation and self-awareness.

11. Soft Music Sessions:

Listen to gentle, calming music together to create a peaceful atmosphere.

12. Journaling:

Encourage children to keep journals to express their thoughts and feelings.

13. Cooking Together:

Prepare simple recipes, focusing on sensory experiences like mixing and tasting.

14. Puzzle Time:

Work on puzzles together to foster cooperation and problem-solving skills.

15. Gardening:

Plant a small garden together to foster responsibility and connection to nature.

16. Storytelling:

Take turns telling stories, allowing children to use their imagination and creativity.

17. Yoga for Kids:

Practicing kid-friendly yoga poses for physical activity and relaxation.

18. Stargazing:

Spending quiet evenings observing the night sky together.

19. Cuddling with Pets:

Enjoy gentle interaction with pets for comfort and companionship.

20. Building Forts:

Construct forts for imaginative play and relaxation.

21. Sensory Bins:

Create sensory bins for tactile exploration and play.

22. Guided Imagery:

Lead guided imagery exercises for visualization and relaxation.

23. DIY Crafts:

Engage in simple craft projects using various materials.

24. Animal Watching:

Observe wildlife to learn about different species and behaviors.

25. Listening to Audio Stories:

Enjoy audio stories or podcasts as an alternative to screen time.

26. Bubble Play:

Blow bubbles together for simple, joyful fun.

27. Dance Parties:

Have spontaneous dance parties to promote movement and self-expression.

28. Rock Painting:

Decorate rocks together for personalized keepsakes.

29. Bird Feeding:

Hang bird feeders to observe and learn about birds.

30. Homemade Playdough:

Make playdough together for sensory play.

31. Gratitude Practice:

End each day by sharing things to be grateful for.

32. Family Outings:

Go together to explore new places and create lasting memories.

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girl playing quite on a white table
girl playing quite on a white table

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