10 Parenting Tips to Revolutionize Your Teen's Device Use!

Check out these 10 game-changing parenting tips that will transform how your teen uses their device!

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woman lying on brown floor
woman lying on brown floor

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Hey parents! Curious about how much time your teen spends glued to their smartphone?

On average, it's more than 7 hours a day—think of all the other cool stuff they could be doing!

Check out these 10 tips that'll totally change how your teen interacts with their device.

From setting smart boundaries to encouraging healthier tech habits, let's ensure their screen time is both safe and productive!

And if you're just starting to think about giving your teen a phone, be sure to grab my Free Cellphone Responsibility Guide—it'll help you navigate this digital journey together!

1. Understand the Complexity:

Recognize that teens have complex relationships with their phones. They are aware of both the benefits and downsides of their usage.

Approach the topic with an open mind and avoid oversimplifying their experiences as mere addiction.

2. Be a Coach, Not a Referee:

Instead of constantly policing your teen’s phone use, adopt a coaching mentality.

Help them develop self-regulation skills by discussing their concerns and desires regarding their tech habits, fostering a collaborative approach to managing screen time.

3. Focus on Details, Not Just Screen Time:

Understand that what teens do on their phones matters more than how long they spend on them.

Pay attention to the specific activities they engage in, whether educational, social, or purely entertainment-related, and discuss the impacts of these activities.

4. Promote Positive Use:

Encourage teens to use their phones for constructive purposes.

Highlight apps and platforms that can aid their learning, creativity, and connection with supportive communities, rather than only focusing on potential negatives.

5. Open-Ended Conversations:

Use about their online experiences.

Avoid yes/no questions and create space for them to share their thoughts and feelings in detail.

6. Empathy and Validation:

When your teen shares their experiences, respond with empathy and validation.

Understand the underlying feelings and familiar challenges they face, which are often amplified by social media rather than caused by it.

7. Discuss Digital Footprints:

Teens are aware that their online actions can have long-lasting consequences.

Reinforce the importance of thinking before posting and educate them about privacy settings and the potential implications of their digital activities.

8. Equip Them with Strategies:

Teach your teen practical strategies to manage their digital life, such as setting boundaries, using privacy settings, and knowing how to respond to peer pressure, especially regarding sensitive issues like sexting.

9. Anticipate and Handle Missteps:

Accept that teens will make mistakes online.

Be prepared to support them through these moments with understanding and guidance, helping them learn and grow from their experiences rather than just penalizing them.

10. Model Good Behavior:

Demonstrate healthy tech habits yourself.

Show how to manage screen time effectively, prioritize in-person interactions, and deal with digital distractions.

Your actions will serve as a powerful example for your teen.

Kids sitting on their cellphonesKids sitting on their cellphones

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person holding white samsung galaxy note 8
person holding white samsung galaxy note 8

Deciding if your kid is ready for a smartphone? 📱

Here are the best alternatives to keep them connected and safe.

These devices provide safer alternatives to smartphones, allowing communication without the risks associated with internet access and social media:

  • Internet Safety: Sandboxed to block internet, social media, and inappropriate content.

  • Message Monitoring: Parents can review all sent/received messages.

  • Minimal Notifications: Only for calls and messages, reducing interruptions.

  • Saved Communications: All numbers and texts are saved for review.

  • Parental Controls: Parents can enable/disable features, set screen time limits, block apps/websites, and schedule a bedtime shutoff.

  • GPS Privacy: Scrubs GPS metadata from photos/videos.

  • Location Tracking: Check your child's location anytime through an online portal.

  • No Tethering: Prevents internet access to other devices.

  • Privacy Protection: No data or usage information sold to third parties.

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Wisphone Marketing With familiesWisphone Marketing With families

This little gem is all about making your life easier by breaking free from addictive apps, keeping communication simple, and delivering top-notch performance.

Essential communication and productivity tools like calls, texts, camera, map function, calendar, clock, alarm, timer, stopwatch, calculator, notes, and flashlight.

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*Wisephone is currently available in the USA. and Canada.

Best Features of WisePhone:

2. PinWheel (U$ 199 to U$ 599)

The Pinwheel phone is highly customizable, allowing parents to add apps from over 500+ options while blocking access to the internet and app stores.

It takes pictures and videos, supports music, and looks like a regular smartphone, so kids won't feel embarrassed using it.

Parents can monitor all texts, block texts from unknown numbers, and remove distracting apps. You can keep your phone provider, and it works abroad.

Best Features of Pinwheel Phone:

  • No Social Media: Keeps kids safe from social media.

  • No Internet Access: Prevents access to inappropriate websites.

  • Customizable Parental Controls: Set screen time limits, block apps/websites, and schedule a bedtime shutoff.

  • App Store Restrictions: Kids can’t download unapproved apps.

  • Parental Monitoring: Review calls and texts via the parent portal.

  • Safe Communication: Allows kids to contact parents without web browsing.

  • Location Tracking: Parents can check their child's location through an online portal.

  • Compatible with Major Carriers: Some models work with T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T.

  • Flexible Schedules: Customize phone use based on daily routines.

  • Multiple Kid-Friendly Apps: Access to over 400 child-safe apps.

See full list of 500+ apps available for Pinwheel phones here.

*Wisephone is currently available in the USA and Canada.

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You can begin with a Bark Phone that has no apps, no internet, and no games.

As your child grows, you have the option to upgrade by adding features while retaining the same phone.

Best Features of Bark Phone - Starter Plan

  • Affordable Plans: Starting at just $39/month, with various data options to suit your needs.

  • State-of-the-Art Monitoring: Receive alerts for potential issues in texts, emails, and over 30 social media platforms and apps.

  • App and Contact Approval: Manage which apps your child can use and control who they can communicate with.

  • Tamper-Proof Parental Controls: Ensures the rules you set remain in place, including the inability to delete texts without your permission.

  • Real-Time GPS Location Tracking: Stay informed with real-time map tracking, customizable location alerts, and easy check-ins for peace of mind.

With these features, the Bark Phone Starter plan offers comprehensive digital monitoring and parental control.

*Bark Phone is currently only available in the USA.

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person wearing silver Apple Watch with white Sport Band
person wearing silver Apple Watch with white Sport Band

Discover watches that are less expensive, less prone to being lost, include built-in trackers, and offer a safer introduction to technology for children.

Smartwatch Solutions: Safe and Affordable Tech for Kids

1. Gabb Watch:

The Gabb Watch 3 is designed to be a safe, durable, and fun smartwatch option for kids, offering robust features and parental controls to ensure a secure digital experience.

  • Safety Features: Includes GPS tracking, customizable safe zones, and emergency SOS contact.

  • Durability: water resistance, dust protection, and Gorilla® Glass 3 for durability.

  • Wireless Charging: Hassle-free charging with included USB cable.

  • Network Coverage: Expanded service coverage for reliable texting and calling.

  • Speech-to-Text: Allows easy dictation of messages; multiple keyboard options available.

  • Variety of Watch Bands: Fun and adjustable silicone bands including themed options like Star Wars and sports bands.

  • Storage and Memory: Enhanced storage, more memory, and improved chipset for better performance.

  • Gabb OS: Secure operating system blocks internet browsers, social media, and unsafe apps.

  • Parental Controls: Manage focus and silent mode remotely via the MyGabb app.

  • Gabb Go and Gabb Move Apps: Encourages fitness and productivity with step tracking and digital pet care.

Visit Gabb's page here!

2. TickTalk Watch:

The TickTalk children's GPS watch is designed to keep kids safe and connected, offering comprehensive features tailored for parents' peace of mind.

  • Real-Time Location Tracking: Know where your child is at any time using the TickTalk app on Android or iOS.

  • Secure Messaging: Encrypted end-to-end individual and group chat for private and safe communication.

  • Free Streaming Music: Unlimited access to kid-friendly songs and podcasts powered by iHeartRadio Family.

  • Safety Features: 2-way voice calling, HD video calling, Talk-To-Text, and customizable quick text responses.

  • Emergency SOS: Set emergency contacts and get immediate alerts when needed.

  • High-Quality Camera: Capture photos and videos, and share them with approved contacts securely.

  • Durability: water-resistant, drop-proof, and shock-proof for active kids.

  • Historical Location Tracking: View past locations visited by your child for added peace of mind.

  • Affordability: Plans start at $9.99 per month with no hidden fees or contracts.

3. Apple Watch SE (2e génération)

The Apple Watch SE is designed to be a powerful, stylish, and environmentally conscious smartwatch, offering comprehensive health features and seamless integration with Apple's ecosystem.

  • Family Setup: Allows parents to pair watches for kids without their own phone, enabling communication, location tracking, and safety features across family members.

  • Motivation and Activity: Essential tools to keep you motivated and active, with enhanced workout metrics and Crash Detection.

  • Carbon Neutral: Apple Watch SE (2nd generation) with Sport Loop is carbon neutral, part of Apple's environmental commitment.

  • Health and Safety: Includes Fall Detection, Crash Detection, Emergency SOS, and health insights like irregular heart rhythm notifications.

  • Compatibility: Seamlessly works with Apple devices, unlocking Macs, finding devices, and using Apple Pay.

  • Swimproof and Stylish: 50m water resistance, three finishes, and a color-matched back case with reduced carbon emissions.

  • Customizable: Various watch bands and customizable watch faces to suit your style and mood.

  • Stay Connected: Text, call, listen to music/podcasts, use Siri, and Emergency SOS with iPhone or Wi-Fi connectivity.

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